belated International Women’s day post

This is an excerpt from The Diary of Anaïs Nin volume three (1939-1944) that would have been perfect for yesterday, but is still perfect today. I chuckled, and then I applauded.

At the Gotham Book Mart I met the old mystic Claude Bragdon. He took me to lunch…

After lunch, in his hotel he took me to the top floor, to a glass-enclosed garden of artificial plants. It seemed suitable that he should be sitting among unnatural plants, in a make-believe garden, at the top of twenty floors of concrete. And there he delivered his sermon:
“You are one of the Delphic women. I knew that as soon as I heard about you and knew it even more so after I met you. But you will destroy your powers of divination and your psychic intuition unless you separate yourself from human life, and above all things from sensuality. There is too much sensuality in you. You need to be purified. Let me help you. I have been able to renounce everything. You will need my help.”

I renounced being a Delphic woman. (Nin, 15)

belated International Women’s day post

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